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Simple tips for a nice family picture

Every family of course will have their own family picture. Family photography can help you to be creative in capturing family memory according to your own style. Normally, people feel free to take the family picture according to free style. But if you want your family picture to be more professional you should follow the below steps:

  1. Nice position

You should think of different position for the family portrait. It depends on how many people are there in your family and the space for taking picture. But for the family with 2 children, you can form the shape of the whole family bowing head together. Every member will hold hands. It is better if the photographer will stand higher than the objects so the picture can capture the feeling of the whole family hand in hand. You can think of other positions which are up to your family member favor.

  1. Big family with big groups of members

If your family is a big family, so you can divide the family into groups of members and will stand together. Young and people with height will stand behind, old people will sit or stand in front of the picture and old people and children should be in the center of the picture and will stand in the first line. High people should stand in the 2 edges of the picture. You can use a separating flash mode to provide more light for the dark area in the picture. If you do that the picture will be brighter and sharper.

  1.  Presenting relationship

One of the most wonderful ideas for the family portrait is to express the feeling, emotion and close relation among family members. It does not mean that the whole family will sit or stand together. The old people can stand together with the young people to see the difference and close relation between the grandparents and the children. More importantly, you have to capture the smiles of all your family members to show the happiness of the whole family.

  1. Appropriate dress

Family portrait is the chance for you to be of great performance. All the family members should wear clothes with same color and style or same dresses and shirts to obtain the interesting and exciting effect. In other case, you can wear the different color but match with each other. But you should avoid strong color like red, orange and so on you should know how to match to make the unique and common looking for the family members.

  1. Angles for taking pictures

You should use to take pictures with different angles. You should try one principle such as the photographer stands in the land and the object will stand. You should use the flash mode in this case.

You should be creative when taking picture. Modern pictures are taken with natural positions under natural space. Do not dress so colorfully keep it normally and be happy with your family picture.

Simple tips to take picture of product

Taking picture of the product will not be familiar with other people however this still is the field which attracts the attention of many photographers because of its interesting features. The following steps will tell you how to have a nice picture of a commercial product.

Step 1: Position

You are going to take a picture of the product. The first you have to think of is the position that you will put your product. For example you have a table. The table will be put near the wall. The wall can be a very good background for the picture. So you have to care about the color of the table, the wall and the product. It is simple but very stylist.

Step 2: Lights

For example, you will take a picture of eatable product so you choose the kitchen to be the place for taking picture. The kitchen does not have so much natural light only one small window.  You can use the artificial lighting system to add more lights to the space. But you must be very careful on using lamps because if you do not use them in a right way it can create some bad effects to the picture if you do not know how to adjust the lighting.

Choosing the flash mode is the final solution you have to choose in case there is not enough light for the space.

Step 3: Using some accessorizes

A product can be a focus of the picture but surrounding things will be important in making the product more impressive and attractive. You can put a vase of flower or some decoration items around to make the space more vivid and eye-catching.

Step 4: Taking a picture

When you take a picture of the product you have to try different angles to take a picture. The most important thing is that the product must be displayed naturally in the picture. Try as many angles as possible until you satisfy with the pictures. You can try the high then low angle of taking pictures. Or you can use 45 degree or 30 degree vertical or horizontal direction to take a picture.

The photographer has to decide which points of the product should be presented in the picture. You can focus on several special features of the product but at the same time you still have to make people see the overview of the product.

Tips to have a panorama picture

You are hearing about the panorama picture. You see a lot of pictures taken according to this style. Are you curious about this style? Would you like to take one panorama picture by yourself? You should start it now with the following simple guidance in order to have your own library of panorama.

The picture of full panorama, meaning picture of full landscape is one of the most popular and favorite photography of many photographers as it can help the photographer to show the landscape in a very large scale. Therefore, the picture will contain a wide range of interesting things and features that you will be eager to discover. People get used to calling this style of photography under the name “panorama” as a scientific name but the meaning is very easy to understand. This is actually a picture taken by a photographer not an artificial product of any kinds of photo adjustment software at all such as from Photoshop.

Almost all panoramas can become a picture of small planet because the picture normally captures all the scene of the landscape even the smallest details. The following guidance can show you how to have a nice panorama.

  • Taking angle – you should choose to take the 360 degree landscape because the edge of the picture when queuing together will be very smooth making the flow of the whole picture. That’s why the picture will look like a small planet. You can use smaller angle but in that case there will be additional techniques you have to apply to the picture later.
  • The width of the picture – Ratios (the width and the height of the picture) will affect to the sharpness of the picture. The wider the picture is taken, the deeper and sharper the picture will be. The narrower picture can show the change of height of the picture. Both can give you special feeling.
  • The sky – the sky in the total and final picture will be very important. A blue sky will be the best solution with some clouds surrounding can create a romantic and quite feeling for the picture.
  • The land – the bottom of the picture can be a little bit overlapping which will make some bad effect for the picture. Therefore, for the bottom of the picture there should not be too many details. It is better for the bottom with a flat area with grasses, sand or water.
  • The skyline – It is necessary to make the edges of the picture to be well sorted out and more naturally.

In general, there can be several criteria for a nicer panorama but you can see that almost all landscape is suitable with the panorama. If you find the above instructions are complex you can adjust it yourself or refuse to follow it. It can make you surprise by some special and strange effect that you can not expect and if you have not try you can not feel it.

Errors for taking portrait photography

People who start taking pictures usually choose to take portrait pictures because it is very easy for the first starter to get used to taking pictures. However, it does not mean that it is easy to have a nice portrait picture. In contrast, in order to have a nice picture, photographer has to be more creative and has in hand some certain techniques. Lots of amateur photographers have made the following mistakes. By knowing them, you can yourself have some lessons then you can withdraw for yourself.

Using lens at the large scale focal length

This is one of the greatest mistakes of the photographer because normal camera now often is equipped with the lens kit 18-55 with a really large scale focal length. When you take a picture with the focal length around 35mm down then the effect of the large scale focal length will be very easily to be identified: close objects (normally the person whose picture is taken) will look bigger than other remote objects, meaning that the nose and the fore head of the person in the picture will be bigger than usual. These features will be very bad in a portrait picture.

– Solution: in order to make sure that these features will not be displayed in your picture, you have to use a lens with a minimum focal length is from 70-85mmm to avoid the distorting feeling of the picture. You should start with this kind of lens which is suitable for the starter but also very reasonable price.

Wrong in choose the focus point

Eye is very important not only for a person but also for the photographer. Feeling, emotion and alive feeling of the pictures can be understood through the eyes. Then the picture will not become vivid if the photographer will focus on other points and forget the “eye”. This is very terrible as at that time when looking at the picture the viewers will focus on other points in the face (can be some disadvantaged points that the photographer has not deleted during the processing).

This mistake usually occurs with inexperienced photographer or when using the lens with too high focal length so the 2 eyes of the portrait will not be balanced. One will be focused while the rest will be blur.

Other mistake that the new photographer usually makes is that focusing on the wrong point. For example, photographer does not focus on the portrait but focus on the next or surrounding people.

– Solution: You have to use the mode for focusing on the 2 eyes, making sure that the eyes will be properly focused then you take the pictures.

Taking the picture at the wrong height

There are principles when taking pictures with different height. Normally the portrait will be nice if it is taken with the height equally to the eye line of the portrait. With this height, mistakes of the face can be hidden.

There are some tips you should know when taking picture.

  • For adult, you should use the height from the shoulder upward or if you would like to take the picture of the whole body you can use the lower height and ask the portrait to bow the head a little bit to hide the mistakes in the face.
  • For children, you can take the picture from the higher height to focus on the eyes of the portrait.


It is really bad if the face of the portrait is half shining and half in dark. This mistake will happen when the person in the picture standing in the strong sun and the hair will create shade in the face or standing in the shadow but the sun can still go through and will create some light area in the face.

– Solution: Do not take a picture under too strong sun. Or you can turn on the “flash mode” to avoid the mistake or you can use the light reflecting piece.

Red eyes

Using flash is always the best way to control the light actively, however it will easily to create the red eyes for the person in the picture.

– Solution: Almost all cameras has the mode to against the red eyes, you turn it on if you can not know how to adjust the flash mode. You can bow your head a little bit to avoid the light will be reflected to the lens of the camera.